Please ignore attachment. 的翻译是:请疏忽附件。 中

Please ignore attachment. 的翻译是:请疏忽附件。 中

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  a硝烟弥漫 Cloud of smoke float over [translate]

  a买便宜的衣服 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

  ahai mei you hai mei您 [translate]

  aIn accordance with Washington State Department of Health guidelines for Group A 与安康指南的华盛顿州部分契合为小组A [translate]

  a你能通知我如何抵达博物馆吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

  a再次感谢你给到高科技行业的建议,在上周会议后,我们团队一同评论辩论和约定了那些我们需求固化上去的信息,附件中包罗几个信息: Thanks you to give the high tech profession once more the suggestion, after the last week conference, our team discussed together and had decided these we needed to solidify the information, in the appendix contained several informations: [translate]

  a梅开扳手 The plum operates the spanner [translate]

  aAn analysis of the costs revealed that 10% were used for the first construction, 5% were spent [translate]

  aput the following 投入以下 [translate]

  astrapazierf?higer Bezug, der einfach abnehmbar ist und bei 30° C gewaschen werden strainable购置,是复杂地可移动的和清洗与30° C [translate]

  aThey are in class One. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

  aa smith(or blacksmith) is a man who works with metal. 匠(或铁匠)是与金属一同应用的一团体。 [translate]

  a赵凯 Zhao Kai [translate]

  a終わりました、、、 It ended, [translate]

  a亲爱的要高兴点 Dear must select happy [translate]

  apotuguese potuguese [translate]

  aYou are my world, without you loses all 您是我的世界,没有您损掉一切 [translate]

  acylinder marlotherm 圆筒marlotherm [translate]

  acatechol was the substrate, and for 4-methylcatechol the [translate]

  a554-server537.iphmx.com554 Your access to this mail system has been rejected due to the sending MTA' 554您的对这个邮件系统的通入被拒绝的归结于送的MTA [translate]

  aA new start of independe independe一个新的末尾 [translate]

  a花费及质量办理过程当中的超规查询拜访 Production and in quality control process ultra gauge investigation [translate]

  aplease favor us with a list of those articles you are interested in obtaining from here please favor us with a list of those articles you are interested in obtaining from here [translate]

  a嘿!在做甚么那?你的眼睛好了吗? Hey! What is making that? Your eye good? [translate]

  a我会通知你我为甚么休会迟到了。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]

  acompanero 伴侣 [translate]